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Praise for Carlos Richer

“Upon his first audit of our company, we realized the passion, dedication, and ocean of knowledge Mr. Richer has in the diaper and incontinence industry, all of which shines through the tremendous lifetime experience he has gathered leading diaper manufacturers all around the globe succeed in their respected markets.”

Souheil Badaa, GMO at Novatis Group

“Carlos is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the disposable hygiene industry. He has vast experience, including manufacturing disposable hygiene products, designing hygiene products, and analyzing all the different hygienic products to highlight best in class designs and features.”

Steve Lessley, Market Manager Disposable Hygiene Products North America

“He has an incredible ability to take what appears to be random actions and determine a mathematical model which can predict future actions. This can be extremely valuable to anyone in manufacturing and development. In addition, he is a thoroughgoing gentleman with impeccable integrity.”

Andy Urban, President at Urban Consultants Inc.